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a large colony of wasps swarming out of their nest along a lakewood ranch property

Why Yellow Jackets Are Invading Lakewood Ranch Properties


With summer in full swing, you might be spending every moment possible outside. Enjoying the warm weather in Florida often means picnics, barbecues, get-togethers, parties, and other outdoor gatherings. Summer is the perfect time for outdoor activity, but it’s also the time for increased yellow jacket activity.... Read More

a carpenter ant borrowing through a wooden strcture within a home in floria

5 Tips To Stop Ants In The Yard From Invading Your Home


For as long as warm weather reigns, those of us in the Sunshine state know that ant season is a constant and incredibly annoying problem.  Ants in the yard are simply unavoidable during Florida’s hot and muggy summer season. With the abundance of water and high temperatures throughout the da... Read More

ant outside florida home

How Ants Get Into Homes In Bradenton, Florida


You wake up one sunny, summer morning and head to the kitchen to make coffee. As you pull the coffee filters out of the cupboard, you notice a tiny ant scurrying across your counter. Quickly, before it can escape, you grab a napkin and squish it. But then you notice another one. And another. There are ants everywhere! How do ants get into homes in Bradenton, Florida, and what should you do if they get into yours?... Read More


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