Why Yellow Jackets Are Invading Lakewood Ranch Properties


a large colony of wasps swarming out of their nest along a lakewood ranch property

With summer in full swing, you might be spending every moment possible outside. Enjoying the warm weather in Florida often means picnics, barbecues, get-togethers, parties, and other outdoor gatherings. Summer is the perfect time for outdoor activity, but it’s also the time for increased yellow jacket activity.

Why Are Yellow Jackets So Active During the Summer?

Many insects are more active in warm weather. Florida summers offer the right temperatures combined with the high levels of humidity that bugs love. In August, yellow jackets are very active. They will have already nested during the spring and are emerging, fully matured, and in search of food. Yellow jackets are social insects, and their colonies can contain thousands of members. They are also very defensive of their colonies.

As you spend more and more time outside, you are increasingly likely to come too close to a yellow jacket nest—and if they feel threatened, they will attack. Yellow jackets are among the most aggressive of stinging insects. They will pursue any perceived threat, stinging multiple times, and even dodging objects to continue the chase.

Identifying Yellow Jackets

Because of their aggressive nature, yellow jackets can be more of a nuisance than other stinging insects. Their stings can cause severe allergic reactions in some people. Many kinds of bees and wasps look similar, and you’ll want to identify yellow jackets before attempting to remove a nest, as this could result in dangerous stings.

Yellow jackets appear hairless and have black and yellow bands on their body. They often reuse spaces they find for their nests rather than building new ones—such as holes in the ground made by other animals. These are hard to spot, but the vibrations from a lawn mower, or too much movement near the nest, can spark an attack.

Yellow jackets can also build their homes in holes on the exterior of your house, or in hollowed tree trunks. Anywhere they find an undisturbed space can become the next home for their colony. As we said, yellow jacket colonies can be huge, with thousands of members. Any attempt to destroy a nest without professional experience can result in hundreds of stings, sometimes requiring medical help.

Eliminating Yellow Jackets

What can you do if you find a yellow jacket nest on your Lakewood Ranch property? The best option is to call professional help. Yellow jackets are very defensive and territorial. If you misidentify them or approach them incorrectly, you could find yourself running from hundreds of yellow jackets intent on covering you in painful stings. Instead of risking an encounter with yellow jackets, call Keller’s Pest Control.

We have years of experience and training. We can correctly identify a species of stinging insect and easily locate their nest. Keller’s Pest Control can help you determine the factors that may have attracted them so that you prevent future infestations. Also, Keller’s Pest Control offers safe and effective treatment. We take care of stinging insects so that you don’t have to put yourself, or your family, in danger.

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