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When it comes to mosquito control, professional treatment is the way to go. DIY treatments will put only a small dent in your mosquito problems. Eliminating water sources and using repellent is a great start, but once you get a taste of how professional control works, you’ll see how much better the outcome is.

It may be impossible to completely eliminate mosquitoes, but Keller’s Pest Control can reduce the population by a significant number, ultimately reducing the threats mosquitoes pose. Mosquitoes are some of the most dangerous pests in the world, spreading numerous illnesses and killing both animals and people. If you need a reminder of what these threats are and how serious they can be, our blog Why Mosquitoes Are a Serious Threat to Florida Homeowners can help you out.

Keller’s Pest Control offers mosquito treatments to fit your needs, whether it’s ongoing mosquito control or you need a one-time mosquito treatment.

Through the Southern Mosquito Services division of Keller’s Pest, we offer the Mistaway Automatic Mosquito Misting System. This cutting-edge system requires little maintenance. You can sit back and enjoy life, while the misting system automatically sets off fine mists of botanical insecticide. After inspecting your property, our certified technicians will install the system. This system has sensors to monitor build up and leaks. If it recognizes an issue, the flow will be stopped until fixed.

Our one-time mosquito treatment is perfect for any outdoor event you’re hosting, whether it’s a wedding, family gathering, or another event. If you’re worried about mosquitoes ruining your guests' time or the quality of your event, we can help. One to three days before the event, we will treat the area to reduce the number of mosquitoes.

Why Professional Control Beats DIY

At Keller’s Pest Control, our technicians will inspect your property first to locate areas of high activity. As pest control experts, our team understands mosquito biology and their behaviors. This allows us to locate where mosquito hiding places and breeding sites are. Targeting these locations will help to successfully reduce mosquito populations. Through targeting specific locations and using our state-of-the-art systems, this results in a higher success rate than many DIY methods.

DIY methods can be ineffective because mosquito behavior is misunderstood, or simply due to inconsistency. For example, mosquitoes often hide out in the grass when it’s hot and dry outside. Mowing the lawn regularly can lower the number of hiding places available to them. DIY treatment methods can even be counter-productive at times, such as with a bug zapper. Bug zappers lure mosquitoes towards it, yet only kill male mosquitoes (non-biting mosquitoes). Professional treatment is your best bet for successful reduction of mosquitoes.

If you are dealing with mosquitoes or worried about an upcoming event, don’t hesitate to reach out to get professional help. Keller’s Pest Control is here to assist you with your mosquito problems. Contact us to get started.

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