Why Now Is the Time To Get Professional Termite Protection In Florida


a large colony of swarming termites daming a wooden structure on a home in florida

Termite season can be defined as the time of year when the temperature and climate are best suited for termites to thrive. In many states, termite season lasts through the warmer months and ends as the cold returns to welcome fall and winter. However, here in Florida, cold is relatively a foreign concept. This means termites never face the low temperatures needed to end their destructive season. However, although their season never ends, it does get worse, usually in the spring or summer during a different season, swarming season.

Swarming Season

There are two major types of termites here in Florida, subterranean termites, and drywood termites. Typically subterranean termites will swarm around this time of year and into the summer months, and drywood termites will swarm towards the end of summer and through the fall. In this season, winged termites called swarmers will leave their mature colonies and seek out new locations to establish a nest.

If you start seeing winged termites in or around your home, one of two things is possible. Either you have a fully matured colony of termites somewhere within the foundational wood of your home, or there is one on or near your property. In other words, termite swarmers are the last thing you want to see around your home.

Why It’s Essential to Prevent Termite Infestations Before They Happen

When termites infest the wood of a home, they begin eating at the very thing holding its structure together. Often times when termites damage homes this way, homeowners don’t find out for months and sometimes even years after infestation. This is due to the silent nature in which termites destroy homes, hidden out of sight, making almost no noise at all. For this reason, preemptive treatments for termites are important. Not only so you can know if termites are threatening your home, but so that you can be confident you have the protection in place to stop them as well.

Why Call Keller’s ASAP if You Aren’t Protected

If your home is not already protected against termites, there has never been a better time to make it so. Here at Keller's, we provide treatment methods that keep your home termite free year round. Give us a call if your home is unprotected, and especially if you are seeing swarmers about. Our team of highly qualified pest technicians are standing by with termite solutions and would be happy to lend a hand.

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