What Smells Do Bed Bugs In Naples Hate?


Bed bug infestations can prove to be nearly impossible to prevent, especially for homeowners in Naples. Frequent vacations and the upcoming holiday season will spur their spread, among other things. Proper bed bug control can be hard to execute, especially without formal training. However, a recent study from the USDA shows that turning to essential oils and natural scents may keep away some dangerous insect varieties, including bed bugs. 

two bed bugs crawling on bedding

Scientific Findings For Scented Bed Bug Repellents

The USDA has recently conducted a study on the effectiveness of essential oils in bed bug populations, helping to measure natural pest control for bed bugs. While barely effective, bed bugs did show aversion towards more pungent smells, including:

  • Blood orange oil 

  • Paraffin oil 

  • Silicone oil 

  • Spearmint oil 

According to research, natural pest control for bed bugs exists, although it is far less efficient in specific locales. It’s always best to refer to professional controls, especially for out-of-control problems. If you suspect that pests are in the area, contact Keller’s Pest Control right away.

The Tried And True Methods Of Bed Bug Control

Apart from essential oils and other strong scents, other bed bug control methods may be effective. By removing attractant factors from your home and keeping a close eye on yearly travels, you can successfully keep pests out all year long.

  • Bed bugs are extremely averse to high temperatures. Both adults and eggs cannot survive temps over 125 degrees Fahrenheit. After returning from a trip, dry your clothing and any other articles of clothing on the highest heat setting. Although freezing any contaminated items could also help, bed bugs are more resistant to cold than heat. 

  • Inspect your overnight lodgings for bed bug spots, including feeding blots, excrement stains,  and piles of exoskeletons. If there is anything present that gives you pause, consider relocating to a different room. 

  • Consider getting the help of a professional bed bug expert, including the technicians at Keller’s Pest Control, for pest control to kill bed bugs.

Learn more about pest control to kill bed bugs by contacting the team today. 

Types Of Professional Bed Bug Treatment From Keller’s Pest Control

Essential oils can be a powerful deterrent to bed bug activity, although they are not always effective mid-infestation. If you’re interested in securing more rapid results or are concerned about reoccurring bed bug problems, Keller’s Pest Control may offer the tools you need for success.

Every bed bug control treatment from your local pest control office offers the following services:

  • Our technicians arrive at your house at 7:00 am sharp to walk you through the service process and unload large equipment. 

  • Heat treatments are used to destroy adult bed bugs and their eggs. Our treatments typically last eight hours at most, requiring you to leave your home for a short period. 

  • Once the treatment is complete, our techs will pack up all equipment and allow you and your family back into the house. 

The pros at Keller’s Pest Control are ready and available to help with bed bug control at any time. Call us today to schedule your first appointment, or chat with us online to answer your most pressing questions. 

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