What Bradenton Property Owners Need To Know About Raccoon Control


When Bradenton home and business owners consider pest remediation, it’s likely because insects are troubling them. If there are any thoughts toward creatures, it’s usually smaller ones, like rats and mice. The reality is there is a plethora of animals and wildlife around that are threatening in some manner. They can harm structures, belongings, and you personally. It’s not exactly rare for critters to paw at or bite humans. On top of that, many are carriers for germs or diseases. The potential risks are even greater if the pest in question is one that procreates quickly. 

a raccoon roaming on a lawn

Properties that are close to grassy and wooded plains or bodies of water are almost guaranteed to encounter wildlife and animals, such as raccoons. They might appear to be snuggly and docile, but that’s not the true case. You don’t want to allow them to hang out. Learn how you can keep them away with Keller's Pest Control.

How Do Raccoons Operate? What Are the Dangers?

Weighing 15 to 40 pounds, raccoons are rotund and round. They are normally about 3 feet long, with chunky black or brown fur. Black markings adorn their bodies; rings are on their bushy tails and a thick outline surrounds their eyes. It seems like a mask of sorts. These creatures have front legs that are shorter than those in the back, causing them to look hunched over. 

As mentioned previously, raccoons live in forests, the woods, and near water. While they prefer these kinds of outdoor settings, they aren’t opposed to being in an urban or residential zone if they’re low on food. They’re infamous for rummaging through garbage cans and throwing the contents about. Also, they’ll destroy greenery trying to pick apart fruit and nuts. If there’s a general pest issue, raccoons will benefit because they consume rabbits, mice, frogs, bugs, and more. It won’t take much for them to start building dens beneath porches, and in attics and chimneys. Key infestation signs are:

  • Discovering trash cans and compost piles overturned
  • Having wrecked gardens 
  • Finding torn screens on windows and doors
  • Noticing ruined wires, insulation, foundations, shingles, and siding
  • Seeing paw prints or organic nesting materials
  • Hearing loud noises that are abrupt outside or in storage spaces
  • Hearing clawing sounds inside wall voids 

Pure and simple, raccoons are dangerous. The creatures are easy to feel defensive, and will be aggressive with humans. Among the diseases they harbor are rabies, tuberculosis, tularemia, and histoplasmosis. Both people and domestic animals can be affected. Don’t wait to seek medical attention if you or a pet are attacked by or in the vicinity of a raccoon.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Raccoons?

Performing these tasks will help prevent a raccoon intrusion:

  • Put trash in a container with a secure lid 
  • Distance composts and garbage cans from the property 
  • Set gardens and greenery a few feet away from exterior doors
  • All windows, vents, and chimneys should have screens and covers 
  • Regularly trim grass and keep the yard neat
  • Call Keller's Pest Control if you have critters raccoons eat

How Will Keller's Pest Control Handle Raccoons?

The trained wildlife experts at Keller's Pest Control have the skills and tools necessary to safely remove raccoons from your property. Our team uses advanced techniques and equipment to execute trapping and exclusion methods. Since we partner with wildlife sanctuaries, the animals will be humanely captured and returned to nature. That is, far away from human areas. Our services come with warranties and follow up visits. Further, same day services are available. Protect your loved ones, customers, and employees! Call today for a free estimate!

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