The Secret To Keeping Snakes Away From Your Naples Yard


Now that your Naples home has finally reached “pride and joy” status, you’re starting to think about the different pests you need to repel from your castle. Occasional invaders like snakes are ones that you want to avoid altogether. They’re slithery and creepy, not to mention the dangers some of them can bring into your home. Pest control in Naples from professionals like Keller’s Pest Control can help you keep these pests far away. Wildlife management is an essential aspect of homeownership, and the best way to know whether or not you have a snake problem is to call Keller's Pest Control for a home pest inspection. 

a corn snake coiled around tree roots

What The Snakes In Naples Look Like

What type of snakes should you be on the lookout for in Naples? Florida is home to about 50 species of snake, but only a few are venomous. You’ll find snakes in golf courses, parks, retention ponds, garages, and houses in Naples. It’s essential to protect yourself from these occasional invaders.

Some of the snakes you may encounter in Naples are: 

  • The Southern black racer is the "black snake" you're most likely to find in urban and natural areas throughout Florida. These snakes can grow 4 to 5 feet long and have smooth gray or black scales on their backs and bellies. They also have white chins and throats. Black racers are often misidentified as the venomous cottonmouth water moccasins. Young black racers are long and slender but don't look like adult racers; instead, they have a series of reddish-brown blotches down the middle of their backs on a gray background and tiny, dark specks on their sides and bellies. 
  • Cottonmouth water moccasins have a thick, heavy body with rough-looking scales and blocky heads. They are also confused for the venomous pygmy rattlesnake, which has a much heavier body and a blocky head with a dark band from the eye to the corner of the jaw. 

  • Brahminy blind snakes are small, brownish-black, earthworm-like snakes with nearly invisible eyes and no distinguishable head or tail. They're about 2 to 6 inches long. 

  • The Southern-ring necked snake is a small, grayish-black snake that rarely grows longer than 12 inches and can be easily identified by the gigantic ring of orange or yellow around its neck and a matching brightly colored belly black spots down the center.

  • Red rat snakes, also known as corn snakes, have reddish-orange blotches on their backs and sides on a tan, gray, or yellow-orange canvas and a distinctive black and white checkerboard pattern on their bellies. 

The Potential Dangers Of Snakes In Your Yard

Snakes can be terrifying, and you have every right to be scared. A quick bite can leave you or your family in the hospital with long-term side effects. Most snakes are not venomous, however, so it’s essential to identify them correctly, so you know when to stay away. 

In fact, having snakes in your yard can be a sign you’re doing something right. You’ve provided a healthy ecosystem for animals to thrive, and the snakes in your yard are getting rid of rodents and other dangerous pests trying to make their way into your home. So don’t sweat it too much. 

Five Eco-Friendly Snake Prevention Tips

You don’t want to play host to snakes in your Naples backyard, so now you’re looking to manage the snake population in your yard.

Natural garden pest control may aid you in your quest to keep your yard snake-free:

  • You can plant things like lemongrass and wormwood in your garden to deter snakes from coming close to your home. 

  • Planting rose bushes near your house will keep snakes away from your foundation. 

  • Make a garlic-infused oil that you can spray onto the plants in your garden. Snakes hate the smell of garlic. 

  • Using sharp mulch like coral or eggshells will help keep snakes away. 

The Safe and Effective Way To Get Rid Of Snakes

These eco-friendly tips may keep snakes away from your home, but if you’re seeing a significant number of snakes in your garden, it’s time to call a residential pest control professional like Keller’s Pest Control to eradicate your snake issue. Give us a call for safe, reliable snake control you can count on.

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