The Problems House Flies Can Cause In Your Bradenton Home


House flies are so annoying. They're big. They're noisy. And they have the unsavory habit of landing on your food and on your skin. When they get inside your home, you probably go for the fly swatter quick. You may have something even better than a fly swatter. You might have one of those tennis rackets that electrify flies, or a fly gun that uses salt, like buckshot. While it might be fun to kill flies with a tennis racket or a gun, these are not the best way to deal with flies. These only attack the symptom. Sure, you feel better in the moment, and it might be a lot of fun for the kids, but you're going to keep having flies. Here's what you need to know about Bradenton flies.

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Flies Are Dangerous

A recent study has shown that the common house fly can spread more than 65 diseases. You probably know some of them by name, such as salmonella and E. coli, which are commonly in the news. These two are responsible for food recalls and restaurant closures. Many you would not know by name, but you might recognize their long list of symptoms, symptoms such as headaches, body aches, fever, stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and more. If you're experiencing frequent illnesses, and frequent visits from flies, the two are likely related. It is time to put down your fly-killing gun and start addressing the source of your problem.

The Anatomy Of A Fly Infestation

It is unlikely that flies are reproducing inside your home—because they breed in rotting organic matter. There are few people who will tolerate the smell of rotting organic matter in their homes. If flies are breeding in your home, the breeding site is likely far from where your nostrils can sense it, such as a rotting apple behind a couch in your basement, or inside a drain. It is far more likely that flies are coming into your home from an outside breeding site.

How Flies Get In

As you can imagine, flies are hard to keep out. The reason they're difficult to keep out can be found in their name. Flies fly. All they need is an open door or window. Your frontline defense against flies are your door and window screens. But keep in mind that a fly can zip right into your home when you enter or exit. They'll also get into your home through gaps, cracks, and holes in your exterior. Maintaining working screens and sealing potential entry points will not give you complete protection. You have to find the breeding sites around your home or in your yard.

Where Flies Breed

  • The most obvious location flies breed is in trash bins or a dumpster. If you keep getting flies, it may be time to thoroughly clean these.
  • Flies breed in the feces of animals. If you have a dog that leaves droppings in your yard, you can have trouble with flies.
  • If you have livestock in your yard, their droppings and their food dishes can be sources for fly breeding.
  • Any organic material that is decaying can be a breeding site. If you can't find the source, consider contacting a licensed pest control professional.

If you live in Bradenton, Florida, let the highly trained pest professionals here at Keller's Pest Control help you find the source of your fly problem and help you correct the issue. Flies can make you sick. Don't let them continue to get into your Bradenton home. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance.

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