The Importance of Keeping Your Palmetto Restaurant Pest-Free


Restaurants are important businesses and there’s a lot that goes into making a great restaurant. In Florida, high humidity and warm weather mean that restaurant owners have to worry about pests, even in winter. Keller’s Pest Control offers commercial pest control specifically for restaurants. With us on your side, you can focus on what makes your restaurant great (food!) while we focus on keeping it pest-free.

a pest free palmetto florida restaurant protected by commercial pest control year round

Restaurant Pests

There are a lot of pests in Palmetto. As we mentioned, humidity and heat make a pest-friendly environment. Restaurants are especially susceptible to pest infestations. Because you’re dealing with a lot of food that both humans and pests love, you’ll need to focus on keeping pests away. We can help you do that! Some of the most common pests you need to worry about in your Palmetto restaurant are cockroaches, flies, ants, and rodents.

Lowering Your Chance Of A Pest Infestation

Pests aren’t only attracted to dirty restaurants. Even a clean restaurant can be the victim of a pest infestation. All it takes is one crumb left out overnight to feed a cockroach. However, keeping your restaurant clean is an important step in preventing an infestation. The less mess, the fewer bugs. The next step is to make sure all food is properly stored. Mice and rats can chew through cardboard and thin plastic, so you need to store food in hard containers such as glass. This will prevent rodents from finding a feast, but it will also prevent pantry pests like moths and weevils. In order to prevent pests, you should also make sure there isn’t any excess moisture in your restaurant since many pests are attracted to moisture. Use a dehumidifier to keep the humidity down inside and take care of leaks or water damage promptly.  

Why Ongoing Pest Control?

Pests are not worth the risk of ignoring an infestation! Pests can cause a lot of damage, to your products, to your building, and especially to your reputation. A pest problem can scare away customers who may then share their experience and cause you to lose even more customers. The best way to keep your reputation is to keep all pests away, all the time.
How do you do that? The trick is ongoing pest control. A one-time elimination will help, but ongoing pest control gives you the benefit of prevention. Stop pests before they get inside and cause damage, instead of playing catch-up after they’ve wreaked havoc. Keller’s Pest Control specializes in restaurant pest control. We’ve worked with over 500 restaurants to help them pass inspections and keep customers satisfied. We can help you identify and solve pest problems. We can also help you identify areas for improvement so that you can stop attracting pests to your restaurant. Let us take care of this aspect of your restaurant, so you can focus on the rest.  
We at Keller’s Pest Control understand how important your business is to you. We work quickly, even offering same-day service, and we designate a technician for each customer. This means everything is individualized to keep your restaurant pest-free. Reach out to us today to get started on having a pest-free restaurant all year long!

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