The Destruction Carpenter Ants Cause to Florida Homes


Carpenter ants pose huge problems for Florida homeowners! This is due to the conducive climate that allows them to reproduce and thrive most of the year. These ants prefer locations with warm, moist weather conditions and that provide them with plentiful amounts of damp or decaying wood to nest and take shelter inside of. Carpenter ants are one of the few pests that are known to cause severe damages to homes and properties, similar to that of termites and carpenter bees!

carpenter ants destroying the woodwork in a florida home

Ants are social insects that live in colonies and work within the strict social caste system of a queen and her workers in order to care for and feed the members of their colony. Carpenter ants are larger than most other ant species found in Florida, ranging from ¼ of an inch to ½ an inch in size, and are a shiny black color. Oftentimes, carpenter ants will create multiple nests or sub-colonies near one another. If this should happen on your property, or worse, inside your home, you will have a huge problem on your hands. In addition, these ants are extremely hard to eradicate completely once they have invaded.

The main destruction these pests cause is to wood as that’s where they prefer to make their nests. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t actually feed on the wood they are destroying. Instead, they merely excavate the wood in order to burrow into it and hollow out the inside of moldings, sideboards, furniture, wainscoting, floors, walls, ceilings, and support beams. Once they have nested inside the wood, they will begin laying their eggs and, in turn, growing the infestation inside your home.

Like we mentioned above, carpenter ants don’t feed on wood. These pests prefer to eat dead insect parts and honeydew. Since they need to find other food sources, you may see these ants crawling around your home while they are out foraging for food. Once they find a food source, they will collect it and bring it back to their nests for the queen and other members of the colony to feed on. These nests are made up of tunnels and chambers and will cause the wood to crumble over time. These ants can usually create nests and tunnel through the wood of your home without your knowledge, but you may sometimes hear a faint chewing sound in your walls as they tunnel which is a sign of their presence.

Most DIY ant control methods fail to get rid of the entire infestation and fail to prevent future infestations. If you have a carpenter ant infestation or even just suspect that you do, the best thing to do is to call the professionals at Keller’s Pest Control to perform an inspection and, if carpenter and if carpenter ants are found, to completely eliminate them from your home!

Stop carpenter ants in their tracks by calling on Keller’s Pest Control! We can help get rid of all of the carpenter ants and other pests that are invading your home or property. We will also maintain a prevention program to keep them from coming back! Call us at Keller's Pest Control today for more information.


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