Six Quick & Easy Wildlife Prevention Tips For Parrish Properties


Animals can be destructive pests. They can dig holes in your yard, eat your plants, tear holes in your screens, chew holes in your walls, destroy weatherstripping, damage rooflines, and get into your home. As they do these things, they expose you to fleas, ticks, and other parasites, and leave dropping in your yard that can attract flies, cockroaches and other pests. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are a surprising number of ways wild animals can damage your property and impact your health. It is best to reduce animal activity near your home. But we understand why you might not want to do this. Animals are fun to watch. In fact, you may even feed the animals to draw them closer. If this is the case, you can jump to the last section of this article. If you want to have fewer animals in your yard, here are six prevention tips to help you get control of Parrish wildlife.

a raccoon climbing a tree in a yard

1. Reduce Drinking Holes

If you have sources of water in your yard, animals will come in close for a drink. Removing these can reduce wildlife activity.

  • Remove any objects in your yard that collect rainwater, or alter conditions so rainwater runs to the ground.
  • Address conditions that create puddles in your yard.

2. Reduce Moisture

If you have a damp perimeter around your home, you'll have more bugs. This will attract animals because animals eat bugs.

  • Make sure your gutter is clear.
  • Water your plants in the early morning.
  • Remove weeds and other unnecessary vegetation.

3. Reduce Light

If you have exterior lights that are left on at night, insects will take notice. Many insects are attracted to light. And, as you can probably guess, wildlife eat insects.

  • Keep lights off where it is not a security concern.
  • Replace white lights with yellow, insect-resistent lights.
  • Keep your shades drawn.

4. Don't Give Animals A Place To Live

If you offer animals a place to live or hide, they will be drawn to your property. Reduce harborage and hiding places.

  • Remove clutter from your yard.
  • Remove objects from near your foundation walls.
  • Install fencing to keep animals from getting under structures.
  • Seal entry points in your exterior walls.

5. Protect Food Sources

If you have a garden, or some other food source in your yard, you'll draw animals onto your property. Install fencing around any food source in your yard. Be sure that it goes at least a foot under the ground to prevent animals from burrowing under.

6. Scare Those Animals Away

There are devices that can spook animals. These might be as simple as laying something in your yard that looks like a predator. Or it could be something complicated, such as a motion-sensitive light that flickers when animals come close.

Animal Management

If you like having animals scampering around in your yard, scrambling up your trees, and making a desperate attempt to get into your bird feeders, we get it. Animals make life more fun. So, how do you allow animals to come close, yet protect yourself, your kids, your pets, and your property? Consider investing in a residential pest control program. A licensed pest management professionals can help you choose services that will meet your specific needs and budget. 
These can include:

  • Routine inspections and assessments of wildlife pressures.
  • Treatments to reduce ticks and fleas.
  • Exclusion services to prevent wildlife entry.
  • Ongoing rodent trapping and removal.
  • Emergency service when wildlife get into your home.

Reach out to Keller's Pest Control if you live in Parrish, Florida or the surrounding area. We offer industry-leading pest control solutions in the region South of Tampa. We can help you find the right solution for your home and family.    

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