Palmetto Homeowner’s Quick Reference Guide To German Cockroach Control


A cockroach infestation can be more than just a headache. While these pests are some of the most difficult to kill or remove from residences entirely, cockroaches are also harmful to the health and property of those who come in contact with them. These insects root around in damp, dirty places of urban society, and they are uniquely adapted to survive. The most common type of cockroach to find inside is the German cockroach.

a german cockroach crawling in a bowl

Wait, What Kind Of Cockroach?

These little buggers didn’t travel all the way from Germany. Rather, German cockroaches were first introduced to the New World via shipping routes centuries ago. They are able to reproduce quickly and thrive in almost any environment. 
German cockroaches have the following defining features:

  • Color: Typically brown or reddish in color, these cockroaches are most noticeable by two darker dash lines on their backs.
  • Shape: With six legs like most insects, German cockroaches have wings and are oval-shaped. They don’t typically fly but mostly use their wings to flutter.
  • Size: German cockroaches are a smaller variety than others you can find in American homes, typically growing to around a half-inch or smaller in size.

Cockroaches Are Dangerous Pests

Spotting these cockroaches is hard to do, since they prefer dark, cramped spaces and will flee to the shadows when the lights are turned on. You’re more likely to notice the signs of a cockroach infestation.

  • Illness: Cockroaches can carry germs all over your home and are known carriers of many diseases and parasites. 
  • Allergies & asthma: Not only are roaches able to spread filth, their hairy bodies also collect dust and dander, which can cause serious reactions in those with allergies or those prone to asthmatic attacks.
  • Odors: Cockroaches live in squalor and give off foul odors. Plus, their discarded egg sacs and shed skins can create unpleasant smells once they start to rot.

Household Prevention Measures

Preventing and getting rid of cockroach populations is extremely difficult to do, so don’t feel like you’ve failed as a homeowner if an infestation takes hold. That said, there are some things you can do to make your home less attractive or accessible to German cockroaches:

  • Cleaning: Roaches have receptors all over their bodies that help them detect the slightest traces of food left on floors or counters. Deep cleaning, especially underneath often-neglected appliances, will reduce crumbs and leftover morsels.
  • Ventilation: Cockroaches love dank or humid areas, so homes with improper moisture control are more attractive to them. Proper ventilation, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as well-sealed windows and door frames, will reduce moisture buildup.
  • Sealing: Cockroaches can flatten their bodies to fit in the smallest cracks or holes. Regularly checking the outside of your home for defects, particularly where plumbing or electrical components meet the walls or foundation, is a good prevention measure. Using a caulking gun to seal up gaps works well.

Professional Expertise Is A Must

As is clear by now, cockroaches are pervasive, harmful, and hardy pests. If they make it inside, household methods are likely not going to be enough to get them all out. Professional solutions are the safest, surest way to get rid of cockroach populations. The experts at Keller’s Pest Control know exactly where to look for the signs of cockroaches and can implement methods that will drive them away and keep them at bay. Regular inspections by the pros can also help make sure that roach infestation never takes hold in the first place. 
To make sure cockroaches are never a problem in your Palmetto home, call Keller’s Pest Control today.

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