Late Summer Spider Prevention Tips for Bradenton Homeowners


a black widow spider hangig from its entangled web within a bradenton florida home

Far from your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, these long-legged, eight-eyed creatures might look more akin to something out of a horror movie than a comic book. 

Late summer spider infestations stem from a variety of factors and several key attractants, making it the perfect time of year for these arachnids to start appearing all over your home. Dark, dry, and less traffic-heavy areas of your house provides protection for these predators. Open windows and doors help encourage other pests to wander into your residence, which bring spiders scrambling in after them. Finally, spiders are often unwittingly carried in by houseplants, boxes, firewood, or other outdoor items that are frequently brought indoors this time of year. 

Fortunately, there are several spider infestation facts you can educate yourself on before a summer ‘spider-pocalypse’ occurs in your home.

Get Your Spider Senses Tingling 

Your first line of defense to prevent spiders from coming into your home is to remove the incentives. Here are some important prevention steps and common mistakes to avoid that every homeowner can take right now.

  • DON’T leave windows and doors open without a screen in place. You’ll attract bugs, which will attract spiders.

  • DO clean your home often, including dusting and mopping floors. Removing any spider webs keeps them from becoming too comfortable and settling down.

  • DON’T allow cluttered areas to stay that way for very long. Clean out messy areas or closets with boxes piled on the floor as often as possible.

  • DO check for gaps in roofing and vents to ensure that the spiders don’t have places to crawl in through.

Spiders are attracted to many things within a Floridian home, but removing potential factors can help ensure that your home stays spider-free year-round.

Safeguard from Spiders with Keller’s 

No matter how many preventative measures you take, spiders may still find themselves attracted to your home. If prevention steps fail and spiders begin to infest your house, don’t wait to contact professional pest control and eliminate the issue. Call the friendly and knowledgeable technicians at Keller’s Pest Control. We have over 20 years of pest control experience in the Bradenton area. 

At Keller’s, we’ll work to eliminate spider infestations both in late summer and throughout the year. By using specialized barrier methods, we create a shield around your home that will allow you to rest easy and spider-free. Don’t let spiders give you the creeps this summer. Contact our spider professionals at Keller’s Pest Control to receive your free, no-obligation estimate today.

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