How To Tell If Your Florida Home Has Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are definitely making a surge here in Florida. They are invading homes everywhere ranging from white-glove clean to filthy. They don’t care about cleanliness, they just care about finding blood from a host to feed on. After they have fed on your blood, which is usually when you are sleeping, you may end up with an itchy raised area or rash. They may not be extremely dangerous, but some people may develop a secondary infection or experience anxiety from the bed bug infestation.

These parasitic pests are similar in appearance to an apple seed. They are reddish brown in color, flat, and range in size up to 4.5mm. They are very small, but their nymphs are translucent and even smaller, and in comparison, the eggs are white and the size of a pinhead. They travel from place to place on clothing, shoes, and personal items from public places like hotels, libraries, theaters, transportation, and even the homes of friends and family.

How to tell if your Florida home has been infested with bed bugs:

  • You may see live bugs in or around your mattresses and box springs, especially in the seams. They are not limited to bedrooms, they can be found in carpets and upholstered furniture in other rooms as well.

  • The appearance of tiny maroon spots and streaks on bedding and mattresses, which comes from bed bugs being crushed or from their feces.

  • Bed bugs may also leave behind exoskeletons in all of the same areas they travel.

  • You may detect an unusual musty odor that may be from a severe bed bug infestation.

If you experience a bed bug infestation, you probably just picked one or more up in a public place. They are so small that they go undetected for a period of time, but once they grow in numbers, there is no mistaking their tell-tale signs.

Professional help is essential to eliminate these evasive and hardy pests. DIY bed bug control can be costly, time-consuming, and dangerous. In order to effectively control bed bugs at all stages of development, contact Keller’s Pest Control in Florida. Our bed bug services include precise bed bug inspections performed by canines, to throughout heat treatments or effective bed bug fumigation. Whatever suits your budget and your needs, you can count on Keller’s Pest Control for peace of mind that your bed bugs will be gone.

a flesh biting bed bug crawling on the clean white linens of a florida residents bedding

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