How To Tell If Rodents Have Entered Your Florida Home


Invasion is defined as, “An unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain.” In this article, the intruders we are talking about are rodents, and the domain is our homes. But how do they invade, and why? The answers are simple: Any way they can, and, because our homes provide better shelter, feeding grounds, and water sources than anything they will find in the wild. Our walls, basements, and attics give them ample places to hide. And, when the lights go out, our kitchens and dining rooms become a feeding ground, filled with hidden goodies we may have overlooked, but, to rodents, are gourmet meals. Your leaky faucet becomes their water fountain, your left-out bread becomes their late-night snack, and everything that once belonged to you is up for grabs.

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How a Small Fall Problem, Can Quickly Turn Into a Winter Disaster

One or two rodents invading your home may not seem like such a big deal, but rodents are rapid breeders. At first, there may be only 2, after a month, up to 14, 2 months, up to 168! Although this is a worst-case scenario, you get the picture. Rodents breed fast. Don’t be deceived, if you see even one mouse or rat in your home, it is cause for concern. If they are alone, it won’t be long before others join them. And all it takes is two, and a short time later you could have a full-blown infestation.

Warning Signs That Your Home May Have Unwanted Guests

When rodents invade your home, they often do not do so without leaving some signs behind. All it takes is a careful eye and a little knowledge of what to look for. For instance, rats are filthy animals who love to squeeze through areas of caked on grease and filth. When they are out in the open they will stay against the wall. These factors, combined, means rats will leave behind a very distinct clue in the form of a streak of grease and filth along baseboards and lower walls. Another common sign that your home may have a rodent infestation are holes: holes chewed through walls, holes chewed in packages of food, holes chewed through anything. If you find rodent-sized holes where they don’t belong, chances are rodents aren’t too far behind. Be on the lookout for these signs, listen for pitter-pattering feet in your walls. If you believe your home has rodents, or you just plain don’t want them coming around, call a professional.

At Keller’s Pest Control, we have been helping homeowners deal with all kinds of rodents for over 20 years with great success. If your home has been invaded, or you would like some help making sure it never is, give us a call today!

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