How To Completely Get Rid Of Roaches In Your Naples Home


Cockroaches are cause for concern for Naples homeowners. These pests not only carry a reputation for being dirty but they are also known to contaminate food and surfaces with disease-causing bacteria, as well as trigger asthmatic reactions.

An asset that’s served them well but bodes the opposite for homeowners is incredibly resilient cockroaches. Not only have these insects been around for 280 million years, but they’ve survived very harsh conditions. They can withstand tropical to arctic temperatures, survive nuclear bomb blasts, and even live headless, though death will ultimately occur due to dehydration. 

With all this, it’s very difficult, to say the least, for homeowners to get rid of cockroaches on their own.

Read on for more about signs of cockroaches in your Naples home and why it’s dangerous to have cockroaches in your Naples home. Find out the secret to total cockroach control, and learn practical cockroach prevention tips for Naples homes.

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Signs Of Cockroaches In Your Naples Home

Cockroaches are prolific houseguests, but they will not remain unnoticed for long. These pests leave behind several signs of their presence that Naples homeowners can look for, including:

  • Smear marks or greasy, grimy residue that cockroaches leave behind when they brush up against walls and other surfaces.

  • Shed skin; cockroaches shed their skins five to eight times throughout their lifetime and will leave these skins behind. 

  • Cockroach feces, which they leave behind everywhere, though because roach excrement is only one-millimeter long and resembles coffee grounds, it can go unnoticed. 

  • An unpleasant odor, which resembles that of a musty, damp smell that cockroaches secrete to attract other roaches

Why It’s Dangerous To Have Cockroaches In Your Naples 

It’s dangerous to have cockroaches in your home for a myriad of reasons, with the two most important reasons being:

  • Cockroaches transport bacteria, which causes intestinal diseases, such as dysentery, cholera, diarrhea, salmonella, E. coli, and typhoid fever. The presence of cockroaches alone can also cause asthmatic reactions in some. 
  1. Cockroaches cause damage to household possessions, including pantry items and animal products, such as leather.  

The Secret To Total Cockroach Control For Naples Homes 

The secret to total cockroach control for Naples Homes is no secret at all. The only way to ensure that your home stays clear of cockroaches year-round is with professional pest control services. The pros at Keller’s Pest Control have been removing pests from Naples homes for more than 20 years, and they’ll be able to help you, too. For a hand with cockroaches and other pests, call Keller’s Pest Control today.

Practical Cockroach Prevention Tips For Naples Homes

Aside from pest control services, preventative solutions are most effective at keeping cockroaches out of your Naples home. Here are three:

  1. Keep food and trash properly stored. Cockroaches are known to gravitate to kitchen areas because it provides them ample opportunities to feed, whether that’s on stored pantry items, fresh fruit that’s left out, the greasy residue left behind, or waste that’s been discarded in the trash. Keep food stored in airtight glass containers and discard rubbish in lidded cans. 
  1. Get rid of water issues. Cockroaches need a high amount of moisture to survive, so it’s common to find them congregating in kitchen areas, around leaky pipes and clogged drains, and in gutters clogged with natural debris. Make necessary repairs to help dissuade these pests.

  2. Make repairs to the foundation. If cockroaches are getting inside, then there is likely an opening somewhere. Check your home’s foundation for any signs of damage, as well as exterior-facing walls and doors. As an added precaution, replace all damaged screens and correct any cracks around windows and doorframes. 

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