How Do Moths Get Into Bradenton Pantries In The First Place?


Some pests fly, other pests crawl, and still others do both within their lifetime: at quite a hefty price for Bradenton homeowners.

an indian meal moth in a cupboard

Some of the worst metamorphosing pests in Florida are Indian meal moths, more commonly referred to as pantry moths or flour weevils. Although their adult forms are quite harmless to human beings, the eggs they leave behind are capable of leaving a trail of destruction for over a year.
Indian meal moth larvae are ¼ inch long worms that appear in color patterns of cream, white, and off-white. When adults fly into a home or are unwittingly introduced by a contaminated product, small eggs are laid in dry goods such as dog food, rice, cereal, and flour to incubate. Upon hatching, these tiny creatures will eat through house and home, continuing to pupate and reproduce until their numbers overwhelm both home and homeowner.
Any food thought to be contaminated by a pantry pest should be discarded immediately to prevent harmful strains of bacteria and fungus from entering the body. Besides the spread of illness and disease, Indian meal moths are not known to be a large health concern. This, of course, does not detract from the seriousness of their ‘infectious' personalities.

Pantry Moth Prevention Tips For Bradenton And Beyond

Although Indian meal moths are not quite as active in residential homes as they are in commercial buildings, their voracious appetites and ‘contagious’ natures make them a formidable pest indeed. To combat their presence in the kitchen cupboard or basement pantry, Keller’s Pest Control offers the following tips.

  • The best way to keep Indian meal moths out of the house is to prevent them from entering the home in the first place. Start by examining all purchased dried goods for signs of destruction or contamination. In the case of pantry pests, this may include small holes or tears, spilled product, or a foul odor. If you discover Indian meal moths in any un-purchased product, simply alert the manager of the store and refrain from bringing the package home.
  • Pantry pests need food to survive, which is why properly stored dry goods may send them packing. Strong plastic containers and other airtight bins are excellent prevention measures against bugs of this nature.
  • If contaminated goods are found within the home, throw out the product immediately. It may feel ‘wasteful’ or ‘not bad enough’ to toss, but the truth is that Indian meal moth infestations scale quickly and uncontrollably.

If you are concerned that the window has already passed for adequate meal moth prevention, it will be time to transition into a full assault. Get a free home inspection through the professionals at Keller’s Pest Control today and chart up your plan of attack now.

Contact Keller’s Pest Control For Best In Show

For more advice or assistance related to the extermination of Indian meal moths, reach out to the friendly professionals at Keller’s Pest Control today. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from almost 25 years of pest-busting, insect-squashing, and pantry-saving, it’s that pantry pests rarely give up without a fight. By using a combination of cultural controls, topical treatments, and proactive action, your next pest crisis may be little more than a speck on the lives of you and your family.
To learn more about our innovative methods and how they could best serve your Bradenton home, call your local Keller’s Pest Control office right away. Need more immediate help? Chat with us online using our integrated text tool, or fill out the simple online contact form to get connected with a trained agent. From adult meal moths to the larvae lurking in your kitchen cupboards, Keller’s Pest Control has got you (and the rest of Bradenton) covered.

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