How Dangerous Is It To Have Bed Bugs In My Bradenton Home?


There is nothing more valuable than a good night’s sleep. This is why homeowners invest thousands of dollars in comfortable mattresses, bed linens, and pillows. What far too many people forget to invest in, however, is bed bug prevention. These small blood-feeding pests are a quick way to lose sleep. If you have never looked into the threats these curious insects pose around Bradenton homes, here is everything you need to know.

bed bugs crawling on bedding

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown, oval-shaped, parasitic pests, relying mainly on the blood of humans and other animals to survive. One misconception many people have about bed bugs is that they are too small to see; the truth is, a fully grown bed bug is roughly ¼” long and grows to be five times larger when filled with a blood meal.

Another misconception people have is that bed bugs only live around beds, which simply isn’t true. Bed bugs can be found wherever people congregate and don't discriminate between different types of rooms. Next time you are walking through a mall, airport, bus station, shopping center, etc, keep in mind that bed bugs could be around.

How Bed Bugs Invade Homes

Bed bugs are not your typical bugs. They don’t live outside or play in the grass, instead solely living with people. Ourselves and our air-conditioned buildings are the only things keeping these pests from almost certain demise. 

To avoid getting stuck outside and eventually dying to the elements, bed bugs hitchhike rides on items people carry around. Your backpack is their Uber, and your used couch their shuttle bus.

Health Problems Bed Bugs Cause

Whether or not bed bugs are dangerous here in America is a controversial topic. Some studies show these pests are able to carry and transmit Chagas disease. That said, Chagas disease is rarely seen here in the states and is much more common in Mexico and South America. 

One thing we do know is that large infestations of bed bugs often leads to insomnia, anemia, and infections from over scratching bite zones. Although these pests are rarely life-threatening, they can still have a huge impact on a person’s quality of life and mental health.

The Difficulties In Preventing Bed Bugs

One problem many people have with bed bugs is finding a good way to get them out of homes. If pests had a difficulty scale for prevention, bed bugs would be a ten out of ten. When faced with danger these small insects flea to wall voids and other unreachable areas around a home. Once hidden, a bed bug can survive as long as five months without a blood meal. This often leads to false positives for homeowners, only to see a resurgence of these pests months after they thought their problem was gone.

The Only Way To Effectively Handle Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a pest that requires a professional to properly eliminate. If you suspect these blood-feeding insects are crawling around inside your Bradenton home, the experts at Keller’s Pest Control are here to help. We care about our community and put great effort into making sure all of our services are top-quality. No matter what your pest needs are, we have a detailed answer for you here.

Contact us today to answer your questions or schedule your home to be treated for bed bugs.

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