How Bad Is It To Have Silverfish In My Naples Home?


Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) are insects sometimes misidentified as firebrats, as both belong to the order Zygentoma and have a similar and very unique appearance. In outdoor settings, silverfish generally reside in cool, damp, and dark areas, such as voids beneath rocks, logs, or other types of vegetation and debris. If silverfish find their way inside your home, they will typically seek similar surroundings, including crawl spaces, laundry rooms, and cabinets beneath sinks. 

Are you wondering how to prevent silverfish from entering your home? Speak with an experienced pest controller for assistance. A Naples pest control professional receives training regarding how to eliminate silverfish and understands the best silverfish prevention strategies.

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What Is A Silverfish?

Silverfish are wingless insects found in most parts of the country that usually prefer damp and humid areas. These creatures are aptly named based on their silver “fish-like” appearance and movements. 

How big are silverfish? Adults usually range from ½ to ¾ of an inch long, excluding their tails. 

Is it Dangerous To Have Silverfish In My House?

Can silverfish bite? As primarily a nuisance pest, silverfish pose minimal human health risks. Silverfish in Naples may create minor damage inside a home, such as to wallpaper, books, and documents. They will also consume starchy foods as well as types of clothing material. 

How Do Silverfish Get Into Homes?

Silverfish are small pests with a flat body that allows for entering a home through small openings as they search for sources of food. Some of the most means of entry include:

  • Initially, silverfish often exist around homes with moist and damp exterior property conditions, where they will discover points of entry. 

  • Silverfish may enter a home through gaps along the base of exterior doors. 

  • Cracks or crevices that develop around the base of the structure near the foundation may allow entry. 

  • Homeowners might unintentionally carry silverfish indoors when bringing in firewood or boxes of dry food or paper products. 

Property owners that adopt a multi-faceted strategy for preventing these pests typically experience the best results; therefore, consider implementing exclusionary measures, performing regular maintenance, and limiting attractants to avoid silverfish infestations.

How Do I Get Rid Of Silverfish In My Home?

Are you noticing the presence of silverfish or other undesirable pests inside your Naples-area home? Seeking assistance from a local pest control professional is typically the best course of action after detecting a possible intrusion. An experienced pest control company will deploy the latest treatment options and operate in a manner that ensures overall safety. 

Keller’s Pest Control embraces many of the best practices associated with the Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) approach. I.P.M. is a continually evolving methodology involving eco-friendly techniques that effectively prevent unwanted pests. 

Some of the most common solutions involve modifying the habitat and implementing forms of biological control, for example, making changes to the process of irrigation, installing physical barriers, or using steam sterilization techniques. I.P.M. strives to limit the use of pesticides that may pose human health risks, disrupt the natural activities of other creatures in the vicinity, and potentially harm the environment. Experts often use I.P.M. in agricultural areas where types of pests are hindering the growth of healthy crops. 

Once notified, we will promptly visit your property and perform an exhaustive interior and exterior assessment that will identify likely points of entry and reveal existing conditions that make the premises vulnerable to these and other pest-related problems. We look in hard-to-reach places where many critters hide and determine the best available treatment option.

Keep in mind that we always stand behind the quality of the work we perform for our customers with a satisfaction guarantee. We look forward to hearing from you.

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