Five Myths About Bed Bugs In Bradenton 


A falsehood repeated often enough becomes believable, and nothing is more representative of this than the rise of misinformation about these six-legged, blood-sucking bugs.

bed bug craw;ing on sheets

Some folks believe they know everything there is to know about these tiny, terrible terrors, but the truth is that the myths surrounding the common bed bug run rampant and deep. Believing in some of the following myths may put you and your household at risk.

Bradenton Homeowner's five Most Insidious Bed Bug Myths

  • Myth 1 – Bed Bugs Are Too Small To See: Bed bugs are tiny, oval-shaped insects appearing in color patterns of brown, tan, or rust-red. Although these insects are very small, they are not invisible. Measuring at least ¼ an inch at maturity, bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed. Their translucent bodies, thin antenna, and six legs allow them to hide in plain sight around many unique environments. 
  • Myth 2 - Only Dirty Houses Have Bed Bugs: Bed bugs may more easily stay hidden in homes that are dirty, but these insects have very little opinion about where – or when – they infest. In fact, clean houses run the same risks as dirty ones for bed bug infestations.
  • Myth 3 - Bed Bugs Can Only Be Found In Beds: Bed bugs may be commonly found around beds, mattresses, and pillows, but these small creatures can live nearly anywhere in the home. Books, electrical outlets, carpets, furniture, and even bathroom rugs can house large populations of bed bugs right under your nose. During the more ‘active’ seasons of vacations and holidays, bed bugs can be found loitering in bus stations, airport terminal seats, and other unlikely spaces. 
  • Myth 4 - Bed Bugs Aren't Dangerous: Unlike other types of biting insects, bed bugs are not known to spread any serious diseases. However, their constant biting, frequent breeding, and hitchhiking behaviors may significantly impact both your home and your community. Insomnia and anemia, allergic reactions, and even lawsuits may result from their presence. 
  • Myth 5 - Bed Bugs Will Go Away On Their Own: Bed bugs are not seasonal pests. They can appear during any time of the year. Summer vacations, annual holidays, and times of overnight housing are often the most common opportunities for transmission. Once bed bugs have comfortably established themselves in a home, they will become difficult or even impossible to kill. There is no way for a bed bug infestation to simply go away on its own.

Not sure how bad your bed bug infestation really is? Schedule a home inspection through Keller’s Pest Control to find out.

The Biggest Bradenton Bed Bug Myth Of All – Home Remedies

The above five myths are perhaps the most frequently repeated ones here in Bradenton, but there is still one more that is dangerous. That is the myth that you can get rid of a bed bug infestation on your own.

The fact is that bed bug infestations are rampant here in Bradenton. Armed with thick exoskeletons, great hiding spots, and an ingenuity that only household pests possess, bed bug infestations are a threat that cannot be entirely rooted out without professional attention.

Don't waste your time, money, or good health on a pest that isn’t worth the risk. Contact the professionals at Keller's Pest Control at the first sign of a bed bug problem. Call our office today to speak with a service representative about your options, or chat with us online to learn more about how we can serve you best today.

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