Eleven Tips To Keep Flies Out Of Your Lakewood Home This Summer


When you’re sitting at home, is there anything more obnoxious than a fly buzzing around you? You may not know how they got in, but you sure know they’re annoying. Unfortunately, they’re more than just annoying. Flies are dangerous, too!

house flies on a garbage basket

That’s right, flies can be dangerous. Because they can only feed on liquids, flies regurgitate the contents of their stomach onto solid foods in order to break it down. That means flies can spread numerous pathogens while contaminating your food. It essential that you know what may be drawing flies to your Lakewood Ranch home, and also the steps you can take to keep them out. After all, it’s your home, not the flies’.

How To Identify A Fly?

Flies grow to between 1/8th to 1/4th of an inch in length. Their bodies are predominantly black while their faces feature a gold and silver stripe. They have a single pair of large wings relative to their body size, and their compound eyes provide them with a wide range of vision.
Because house flies do not have teeth, but rather sponging mouth parts which allow them to feed on liquids, they are incapable of biting. However, as previously mentioned, just because they are incapable of biting doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. Flies can and will spread pathogens as they feed on your food.
In addition to spreading pathogens with their regurgitated stomach contents, flies can also contaminate food and surfaces simply by landing on them. Flies routinely feed on things like trash, animal excrement, and decaying organic materials. Therefore, if they pick up bacteria while feeding on such items and then land on your counter top, they could spread bacteria to you.

How and Why Are Flies Coming To Your Home?

Flies generally enter homes or properties in search of easy access to food and water sources. Outside, this means animal feces, exposed garbage, leaky fixtures, and clogged gutters. Inside, attractants could be improperly stored food, drink spills, leaky pipes, or dirty dishes left in the sink. Anything the flies may want to eat could potentially draw them in.
The manner in which flies generally enter homes is to come through any opening large enough for them to fit. This could be open doors or windows, holes in screens, or any other opening they may find.

How To Keep Flies Away From Your Property And Out Of Your Home?

The best ways to keep flies away from your home:

  1. Clean up and properly dispose of any animal feces in litter boxes and/or in the yard.
  2. Store garbage in well-sealed receptacles.
  3. Remove any decaying organic material from around your home.
  4. Clean your gutters to prevent pooling water.
  5. Repair leaky fixtures.
  6. Add screens to doors and windows.
  7. Repair tears in existing screens.
  8. Store food in well-sealed containers.
  9. Wipe up any food or drink spills on counters or floors.
  10. Keep dirty dishes from piling up in the sink.
  11. Regularly empty the trash.

If you follow these tips, you will reduce the odds of flies coming into your home.

For More Advice And Assistance…

For additional help on how to keep your home fly-free, contact the professionals here at Keller’s Pest Control. When you contact Keller’s Pest Control, a trained pest professional will help you identify problem areas that may be drawing flies to your home and then will help get them out and keep them out. 
If you want to take your home back from flies, give us a call today to learn more about our house fly solutions.

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