Damage Termites Cause To Florida Homes


Homes in Florida are at an incredibly high risk of termite infestations and damage for most of the year due to the warm, humid subtropical climate here that provide the perfect conditions for these wood-destroying pests to live and thrive in.

group of termites damaging wood sills in a florida home

Usually, termites live outdoors beneath the soil. In nature, they serve a great purpose in decomposing fallen timbers and other vegetation, which in turn enriches the soil in the area. However, in your yard and home, these pests can cause disastrous and costly damage that no homeowner will ever want to face. Termite workers are driven by their need to supply their colonies with food continually and will work silently and tirelessly to do so. And, the fact that they never sleep means that the damage can pile up even faster.

Termites will gain entry to a home while they are out foraging for food, traveling hundreds of feet to find cellulose products such as wood, paper, and cardboard. It is in this quest for food they may stumble upon your home, where there is a plentiful supply of cellulose, including your furniture and the support beams of your home. Once indoors, these pests will build a sub-colony, also called a satellite nest, and set to work endlessly feasting on and creating tunnels and burrows within the wood of your home.

You probably won't notice that you have a termite infestation until it is too late. The only signs of a termite infestation are winged termites called swarmers which emerge in the spring, mud tubes, sawdust-like feces, and hollowed-out wood. Most of the time, you discover a termite infestation because you have discovered damaged wood. In fact, termites can consume so much wood that they cause your walls to buckle, ceilings to sag, and floors to warp, not to mention weaken the integrity of the support beams in your home.

Whether you want to eliminate a current infestation or avoid termite damages altogether, termite prevention is the answer! In either case, you will definitely need a professional termite control program to eradicate entire colonies and sub-colonies, including the queens. There is no DIY termite control method that can guarantee the complete results. For total elimination and prevention of termites, turn to the professional pest controllers at Keller’s Pest Control in Southwest Florida! We provide professional termite prevention and control services for the long-term to fortify homes and foundations from termites and termite damage. Don’t take chances with your home, give us a call today for more information on our termite control program!

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