Cockroach Management Guidelines For Bradenton Homeowners


When you find cockroaches in your yard, you're likely to have questions and concerns. You probably know that roaches are unhygienic pests and that they are linked to human illness. You may also know that they can damage your stuff. Let's take a look at how cockroach pest control in Bradenton works to prevent infestations and what to do if you find a cockroach in your house. 

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Types Of Cockroaches In Bradenton

While residents often call roaches water bugs or palmetto bugs, it is important that you know a few of the common pest roaches by their actual names.

  • German Cockroaches — These are tan roaches with two dark stripes on the back. German cockroaches are the worst because they have a preference for being indoor insects.
  • American cockroaches — These are the big brown roaches that are usually referred to as palmetto bugs. While they can get inside and stay, American cockroaches often live outside in damp environments.
  • Oriental cockroaches — These are the black ones. Oriental cockroaches have a strong preference for being outside in damp environments and in locations that have rotting (stinky) organic matter.

Cockroach identification is helpful for determining what behaviors you can expect from the roaches in your yard. American and Oriental cockroaches can be more easily deterred than German cockroaches. It is essential to know what roaches you're finding. If you need assistance with cockroach identification in Bradenton, contact Keller's Pest Control for help. Our on-staff experts are familiar with all the pest roaches in our region. 

What Attracts Cockroaches?

When you find roaches in your yard, and you determine what cockroach species you're dealing with, the next step is to learn how to get rid of cockroaches naturally. The secret is to know what attracts cockroaches to your property.

  • Food. Cockroaches are omnivores in the greatest sense of the word. They eat sweets, meats, items that contain cellulose, and animal waste. 
  • Smells. Cockroaches don't just come into your yard for the food; they can come into your yard for the promise of food. A stinky trash receptacle, or a scent of rotting organic matter, can lure roaches from a distance.

  • Moisture. Cockroaches need moisture to survive. Without moist habitats, some species will dry out quickly and die.

  • Harborage. Cockroaches hide under things. Their preference is organic matter such as leaves, palm fronds, branches, and scrap wood.

Cockroaches want to explore your property because these conditions exist. The trick to getting rid of cockroaches and keeping them away is to address these conditions.

Tips To Help Keep Cockroaches Away

Whether you currently have roaches in your yard or you don't want roaches to come into your yard, pest maintenance is the key to cockroach control. Pest maintenance methods are how to deter cockroaches and how to get rid of cockroaches naturally.

  • Keep all garbage in covered receptacles and disinfect receptacles when they develop an odor.
  • Stay on top of pet waste clean-up in your yard.

  • Don't allow cardboard or other trash to lie on the ground.

  • Remove leaves, dead branches, and other organic debris.

  • Move stacked wood away from your exterior.

  • Clean gutters, repair gutter networks, and do other maintenance to reduce moisture around your home.

  • Remove yard clutter that roaches can hide under.

If you were wondering how to deter cockroaches, general pest maintenance like this might be more than enough. When you want the best control possible, the best solution is to hire a licensed pest professional.

How To Deal With An Existing Infestation

What if you find a cockroach in your house? This is even more reason to contact a professional. It can be very difficult to get rid of cockroaches if you don't know how. This can add to your frustration and misery. If you're in Bradenton, contact Keller's Pest Control for effective home pest control services. We'll make sure no roaches remain in your home. 

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