A Springtime Pest Prevention Guide For Sarasota County Property Owners  


Many Sarasota County homeowners look forward to the spring season because it often means vacations and comfortable weather. Those in business may be excited to experience a relevant increase in sales. For instance, entrepreneurs in the hotel industry will see an uptick in reservations because of the aforementioned getaways. No matter which side you’re on, there’s one thing that can spoil your good time and that’s pests. Each season ushers in a new set of insects and creatures to interrupt the period’s festivities. Some can ruin structures; others will attack belongings. Several can spread germs in the process. Learn what local critters dominate in spring and how you can prevent pests in Sarasota County with Keller's Pest Control. 

a house mouse eating food scraps

What Pests Are Common in Spring? What Are the Risks?

House mice, German cockroaches, and Indian meal moths are active in the region throughout the year, but springtime brings about more incursions. As their name makes obvious, house mice tend to enter homes and businesses. The short-haired, 7 inch long creatures have fur that’s brown, gray, or black. A foundation hole that’s ½ of an inch around is all they need to get indoors. They’ll take to anywhere that’s dark and damp, such as a cabinet, structural void, or basement. Gnawing on walls, wires, piping, and more is how they cut their growing teeth down. Since they have bacteria in their waste and parasites in their hairs, the tainting of food and surfaces is nearly inevitable. Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, salmonella, and hantavirus are some of the diseases they cultivate. 
German cockroaches also crawl around with microbes that trigger illnesses. Akin to house mice, spores are on their bodies and in their feces, urine, and saliva. The amount of germs they can disperse is incalculable, as their time in gross locations bolsters what they already carry. The spines on their legs can stick to anything. Contaminating fare and countertops are a subsequent result. Adult German cockroaches are 0.51 to 0.62 of an inch long, with brown or tan skin. 
Indian meal moths have a wingspan of 0.62 of an inch long, with a body length of 0.37 of an inch. The brown, bronze, and gray insects fly into factories and lay eggs in packaged goods. Cream, pink, or yellow-green larvae will emerge and immediately begin noshing. The pests will leave feces and webbing, leading to mold growth and changes in flavoring. Discard anything they’ve come in contact with. 
A few key signs of an infestation with these three pests are: 

  • Discovering droppings, eggs, teeth indentations, and/or footprints
  • Detecting noises, like squeaking, rustling, or scratching
  • Consistently smelling unpleasant or musty odors 
  • Finding items that are suddenly torn or damaged
  • Spotting these nighttime or usually hidden pests in daylight

How Can Spring Pests Be Prevented?

Spring pest invasions are less likely to occur if you do the following:

  • Get rid of clutter. Keep attics, closets, and outbuildings neat.
  • Diligently and regularly clean gutters, drains, vents, kitchens, pantries, and cabinets. Be sure to get behind appliances.
  • Routinely mop, vacuum, and sweep. 
  • Use secure storage containers for food and trash. 
  • Have moisture problems and leaks repaired. 
  • Mend cracks in appliances, utilities, screens, doors, windows, and foundations. 
  • Trim grass and greenery often, and remove debris from the lawn. Sit plants feet away. 
  • Examine wrapped goods for rips prior to use.

What Can Keller's Pest Control Do About Spring Pests?

Keller's Pest Control employs experienced technicians who will safely apply industrial-grade treatments to eliminate spring pests from your property. Our affordable solutions include trapping and exclusion methods, baits, gels, liquids, sprays, and more. Get a free estimate when you call Keller’s Pest Control today!

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