5 Tips To Stop Ants In The Yard From Invading Your Home


a carpenter ant borrowing through a wooden strcture within a home in floria

For as long as warm weather reigns, those of us in the Sunshine state know that ant season is a constant and incredibly annoying problem. 

Ants in the yard are simply unavoidable during Florida’s hot and muggy summer season. With the abundance of water and high temperatures throughout the day, these resilient pests find ample locations in which to establish and grow massive colonies. Once they’ve found a suitable spot in which to put down roots, ants will begin multiplying at a fast pace. 

Ants that are minding their own business out in the yard are one thing, but a colony inside your home is entirely different. Depending on the particular species of ant, serious illness, food poisoning, and even structural damage can occur when ants colonize inside your home. With this in mind,  keeping these dangerous pests out of the house is an essential task.


Ant Prevention 101 

Here are five preventative steps every homeowner should take to help ensure that the ants in your yard remain there indefinitely.

1.       Run dehumidifiers in moist or waterlogged areas of your home.  

2.       Seal, store, and dispose of foods in their proper places. 

3.       Depending on the types of food thrown away, consider taking out the trash frequently. 

4.       Check for cracks, gaps, splits, or other forms of openings where ants can enter, and seal them off.

5.       Clean, clean, and then clean some more! Pick up crumbs, spills, or empty bags often.

Should signs of damage appear in the wood in or around your house, or you see lines of scavenging ants in your residence, prevention tips will no longer help. It’s now time to contact a professional pest control company to help you assess the situation.


Call the Best Ant “Kellers” Around

When it comes to ant prevention, even the best methods and intentions can find themselves amounting to very little. Don't let yourself be discouraged by these six-legged scourges. Call us at Keller’s Pest Control, your Florida pest experts. Once you set up an inspection, we’ll be sure to give you our quality advice for your unique pest situation. 

ContactKeller’s Pest Control today to see why Florida homeowners have been putting their trust in our services for over 20 years. From eliminating current infestations to preventing future invasions, at Keller's, it’s all about service.

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