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Are you looking to reduce pests around your home and prevent them from getting inside? Or, perhaps you're struggling with pests in your business. In either case, you'll find some great tips and information here. Residential and commercial pest control have a lot in common. Both are a mixture of things you do and things a trained licensed pest professional does.

Here are a few things residents and business owners in Belleair Beach should know about pest control and a few tips for two specific pests in our area. As usual, keep in mind that you can contact us for Pinellas County pest control if you have an immediate issue. With that said, let's get into today's subject matter.

Residential Pest Control In Belleair Beach, FL

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You can do many things to deter pests, reduce pest activity, and keep pests out of your home. If you take these steps, you're likely to see encouraging results:

  • Use materials to seal your exterior. A caulking gun is a great tool for this job. You can use it to fill in gaps around pipes and wire conduits or gaps above your foundation wall.

  • Replace protective items that aren't creating a complete seal, such as weatherstripping, door sweeps, and screens.

  • Repair areas where wood is rotting. Doing so will not only help to create a physical barrier to keep pests out, but it will also remove an attractant that brings certain pests to your home.

  • Keep your landscape as dry as possible. Your plants need water but don't soak them in it. Give them water in the morning and let it seep into the ground to nourish your plants all day. The sun will dry the moisture on your plants and prevent a humid environment in your vegetation that is attractive to pests.

  • Remove weeds from your landscaping and yard. Weeds help to increase humidity in landscaping and provide hiding places for pests. Weeds in your yard can produce flowers, which gives pests a sweet food source called nectar.

  • Keep trash protected in covered receptacles and clean your bins routinely to remove odors that can attract pests from a distance.

  • Consider food sources, such as seeds, nuts, fruits, and honeydew. When you remove these, you reduce pest activity.

  • By getting rid of spider webs when you see them, spiders want to create their webs somewhere safer. It may also remove egg sacs, which can have hundreds of eggs in them.

These and other general pest maintenance steps can reduce pests and prevent accidental pest entry. A licensed residential pest control professional can assist you with some of these jobs and do things that would be difficult for you to do. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Trained pest professionals can identify pests and select appropriate treatments to target them when necessary.

  • Pest professionals have access to professional-grade products and have technicians certified to use these products correctly.

  • Pest professionals deal with pests all the time. They are aware of the challenges that can make pests difficult to control.

  • Pest professionals provide guaranteed results. If something goes wrong, they come back to make sure things are right.

Pest control is a difficult job. The first benefit you'll have is that your pest control provider will take that load off your shoulders. But there are so many more benefits to having a trained and experienced technician handle your pest control.

Commercial Pest Control In Belleair Beach, FL

All of what we shared about residential pest control applies to commercial pest control. You and your staff can do many things to deter pests. But, a licensed commercial specialist has extensive education and experience to address the pest challenges of your industry and your specific business. If you are in Belleair Beach, reach out to us here at Keller's Pest Control for guidance in finding the right commercial pest control service plan for your business.

Why Professional Mosquito Control For Your Belleair Beach Yard Is A Good Idea

You can do things to reduce mosquitoes, and we encourage you to do them, including removing containers that capture water or addressing moisture problems. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water and damp vegetation. If a female mosquito comes into your yard to lay hundreds of eggs, she'll have a hard time if there are no breeding sites.

Another factor to consider is that mosquitoes rest in your yard. They don't just fly around all day. When mosquitoes rest, there is an opportunity to take them out. When you eliminate one female mosquito, you have the potential to eliminate hundreds of mosquitoes on your property. More than this, treated resting places will continually work between treatments to provide ongoing protection to knock down mosquitoes that try to hang out in your yard.

At Keller's Pest Control, we use backpack foggers to apply an active ingredient that works to stop mosquitoes. These mosquito control treatments also have an impact on ticks and fleas. You can get seasonal mosquito control or a one-time mosquito treatment before an important event. Either one is an excellent way to deal with mosquitoes in Belleair Beach. 

Is My Belleair Beach Home At Risk For Silverfish?

Silverfish are common in our area. They encroach upon yards and get into homes through tiny gaps and cracks. If you take steps to seal your exterior and remove moisture, as we described above, you can keep them out naturally. If you find them in your home, you can address humidity and fix plumbing issues to drive them out potentially. As an added protection, we also recommend storing items in sealed totes and food items in sealed containers to protect your stuff as you wait for silverfish to leave your home because it's too dry.

If you want faster results and the assurance that silverfish will be gone, this is where you would call us. We use field-tested methods and industry-standard treatments to ensure no insects remain in your home. Reach out to us here at Keller's Pest Control today for assistance.


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